Monday, January 19, 2009

Wait... 2008 is over? Seriously?

Wow, it feels really weird having 2008 end.
I mean, we're a month into 2009 and I just now realized just how much happened in the last year.
Some major events include
  • Had my first girlfriend.
  • Started taking theatre seriously.
  • Decided writing wasn't just for chicks and/or queers.
  • Learned musical improv.
  • Found out a whole new meaning to the word "friendship". Also, it involves lightsabers.
  • Experienced heartbreak.
  • Had a job.
  • Had 2 jobs.
  • No, seriously, 2 effing jobs. Like, 75 hours a week. It was insane.
  • Wrote a song for a girl.
  • Wrote a song for a car.
  • Wrote a song for the guys that came to fix our electricity.
  • Discovered StumbleUpon.
  • Felt dissatisfaction with the life I lead.
  • Started reading comic books more seriously.
  • Actually read because I felt like it.
  • Discovered a new level of loneliness.
  • Blamed myself for things beyond my control.
  • Learned to use a longbow.
  • Played guitar seriously.
  • Lost some friends.
  • Rediscovered my talents and passions.
  • Decided on a career.
  • Yelled at someone because they were being douchey.
  • Watched movies and thought about them as art.
  • Experienced a range of emotions I hadn't known before.
  • Pooped a muffin.
And I'm sure there were a thousand other things that happened, but really, that's the point, isn't it? A new year is almost a sad thing, because with it comes a realization that all those good times are in the past. You can hope for new good times, but nonetheless, all those experiences are gone, and if they come back, they aren't fresh anymore.
I'm not trying to write a "Live for Today" sort of deal. I'm really just saying that 2008 was really good to me, and I'll miss it dearly. Let's hope 2009 is as good, but not better. Asking for better makes you greedy, and we all know what happens when you're greedy.

That's right, you're kicked out of the orphanage after the fat man goes "MOOOOOOOORE?"

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